I decided to take off my hijab

I was feeling that I wasn’t behaving as hijabis should, I greet my colleagues, parts of my hair can be visible most of the time (it is usually for my lack of expertise to wear it).

Plus I was tired of being observed by people in all the places I am (I live in Colombia) it is also very uncomfortable for me that the people next to me is observed because of how I look.

Then I decided to take it off. But before leaving the house I questioned the reasons behind my decision of wearing it 2 years ago.

The reason was pleasing Allah SWT (exalted is He).

So why I am deciding to taking it off?

Who am I trying to please or to impress?

What’s the purpose of my life and the consciousness about the next?

Then I decided to put it on. Because it is not about my ego (nafs) nor about the opinion of others, even if they’re close to me.

I am existing because of Allah, I am grateful for all the things He gives me, and I don’t deserve.

So I will do my best, my so imperfect best to please Him. Trying to improve everyday, knowing that faith and commitment have crises, but are possible to handle if I remember the purpose of my life: pleasing my Creator.

Living your purpose is not usually easy, but to me is the key to happiness and success


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Detachment: each thing in its right place.

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Maybe most of us have gone through attachment problems with things, people, moments and even achievements. The question is why? (…) among many answers we may find the ego and the assumption that life must be as planned, as if it was a check list that must be perfect.  The bad news is that our life is not perfect, because we are not in paradise.

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